Chart of Radio Spectrum Allocations

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EarthCARE satellite cloud profiler radar
Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)
IEEE 802.15.4 HRP UWB
WRC-27 consideration of EESS (passive) allocations
WRC-27 consideration of MSS space-to-space links
WRC-27 possible allocations for low-data rate NGSO MSS systems
WRC-27 study for radiolocation use
WRC-27 study for potential IMT use
WRC-27 agenda item for new primary FSS and BSS allocations and EPFD limits
WRC-27 agenda item regarding NGSO FSS gateway earth stations (Earth-to-space)
WRC-27 agenda item regarding FSS uplink antenna sizes
WRC-27 agenda item regarding technical/regulatory rules for FSS networks for equitable access
WRC-27 consideration of satellite power limits to protect fixed and mobile services
WRC-27 study for aeronautical and maritime earth stations in motion for Earth-to-space transmissions
Defense Satellite Communication System 3 (DSCS III)
Possible new primary EESS allocation (WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.11)
Military Mobile-Satellite Communications (NTIA)
Motus wildlife tracking systen
Military Troposcatter Systems
Television Broadcast