U.S. Non-Federal-Government Allocations
222 - 225 MHz

FCC Rule Parts:
Amateur Radio (97)

U.S. Federal Government Allocations
222 - 225 MHz

ITU Region 1 Allocations
223 - 230 MHz

ITU Region 2 Allocations
220 - 225 MHz
Radiolocation 5.241

ITU Region 3 Allocations
223 - 230 MHz



5.241 In Region 2, no new stations in the radiolocation service may be authorized in the band 216-225 MHz. Stations authorized prior to 1 January 1990 may continue to operate on a secondary basis.

5.243 Additional allocation: in Somalia, the band 216-225 MHz is also allocated to the aeronautical radionavigation service on a primary basis, subject to not causing harmful interference to existing or planned broadcasting services in other countries.

5.246 Alternative allocation: in Spain, France, Israel and Monaco, the band 223-230 MHz is allocated to the broadcasting and land mobile services on a primary basis (see No. 5.33) on the basis that, in the preparation of frequency plans, the broadcasting service shall have prior choice of frequencies; and allocated to the fixed and mobile, except land mobile, services on a secondary basis. However, the stations of the land mobile service shall not cause harmful interference to, or claim protection from, existing or planned broadcasting stations in Morocco and Algeria.

5.247 Additional allocation: in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Qatar and Syrian Arab Republic, the band 223-235 MHz is also allocated to the aeronautical radionavigation service on a primary basis.

5.250 Additional allocation: in China, the band 225-235 MHz is also allocated to the radio astronomy service on a secondary basis.


Amateur Radio (1.25 m Band)
Military Mobile-Satellite Communications (NTIA)
Area Common User System (ACUS) (NTIA)
Federal Maritime Mobile Communications (NTIA)
Military Aeronautical/ATC Communications and Telemetry (NTIA)
Automated Maritime Telecommunications System (AMTS)
Military Battle Simulation Systems (NTIA)
Positive Train Control

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Engineering Data

Lower Frequency Center Frequency Upper Frequency
Frequency 220 MHz 225 MHz 230 MHz
Wavelength 1.4 m 1.3 m 1.3 m
Band designator(s) VHF VHF VHF
Isotropic collecting area 1,477.7 cm2 1,412.8 cm2 1,352.0 cm2
Free space loss (1 m) 19.4 dB 19.5 dB 19.7 dB
Free space loss (1 km) 79.4 dB 79.5 dB 79.7 dB
Free space loss (10 km) 99.4 dB 99.5 dB 99.7 dB
Free space loss (100 km) 119.4 dB 119.5 dB 119.7 dB
Free space loss (1000 km) 139.4 dB 139.5 dB 139.7 dB
Free space loss
(35,786 km = GEO orbit)
170.5 dB 170.6 dB 170.8 dB
Free space loss (378,370 km = Moon) 191.0 dB 191.1 dB 191.2 dB